RED ANT AGRI specialise in European style open/close netting solutions ideally suited for crops sensitive to ‘bee’ pollination. The nets are spread (cover the trees) shortly after pollination. Nets remain spread throughout the growing season and are bunched again (closed above the trees) once the crop has been harvested.

Netting Types

RED ANT AGRI supplies woven nets in various colours providing different shading factors. The ‘woven nets’ perform better in open/close structures that require movement. ‘Open close’ systems are slightly more expensive than ‘fixed structures’: To give nets the movement they need, roughly 12% more netting needs to be installed than the covered area. Fixed nets use the exact size or slightly less as nets are stretched.

Special clips and fittings are used to join the nets. These are not necessary in fixed net systems where basic hog rings are used.

Netting Structure

Nets positively affect crop growth. Things to consider:

Fertilisation: Younger trees need enough nutrients to be provided to support the early growth. As trees reach intended height and size, fertilizer application may need to be adjusted to help control vegetative growth.

Irrigation: The percentage shade provided is the minimum amount of water that will be saved due to requiring less irrigation.

Plant management: from root stock and variety selection through to planting density, training techniques, pruning and chemical control.

Pest management Growers need to be aware of the altered microclimate created under the nets.

Netting Solutions

Crops such as apples and cherries are traditionally grown in areas with cold winters and plenty of sunlight during the summer. Around the world, these areas are now experiencing severe changes in weather conditions. As a result, there is a huge increase in netting as farmers try to deal with the effects of climate change and more frequent extreme weather patterns.

Netting Installation Services

The cost of installing a netting system is dependent on several factors, please contact us for a personalised quote

Netting Maintenance

Nets require maintenance. This maintenance is generally structural for the first few years. Poles also need to be inspected for mechanical damage or rotting.

Nets will need to be replaced at least once in an orchard that must last for 20 plus years. Wooden poles will need to be replaced over this time. Replacing the nets themselves will be about 30% - 40% of the initial installation cost.