KWH Holland


KWH Holland an agricultural company based in Holland, is well known for its innovative solutions for fruit crop protection systems. It is the first and only sprayer manufacturer to certify all of its mist sprayers to be 95% drift free. KWH uses high-pressure precision fans designed and manufactured in their own factory, for all their solutions.

Red Ant Agri Engineering Solutions is proud to distribute and service KWH Holland equipment in South Africa. Please contact us for further information on any of these products.

KWH Mistral Sprayer



  • Mistral 2x90 is a new development of the popular low pressure KWH sprayer
  • Has new KWH 270 direct drive blower
  • 2 speed blower results in same or better spraying results for less Hp
  • 22 Hp produces speeds in excess of 180km/h, making it possible to spray trees up to 5 m with small tractors and penetrate even the most rugged of bushes.
  • 2x90 degree steel outlets can be separately directed to obtain best spraying result.
  • No clogged spray lines due to low pressure KWH nozzle system.
  • Fuel efficiency, low maintenance, high air speed
KWH Tower Sprayer



  • Tower mist sprayer has a unique centrifugal blower system
  • Large nozzle passage and reduced pressure (1.5 Barr) is suitable for organic crops
  • Double sided spraying (above and below) creates a vortex that optimizes the spray pattern
  • Using the ultra low volume system with the KWH nozzles and KWH calibration sets, you can vary a dosage from 50-2400l/hectare without changing the nozzles
  • Equipped with a 1750 litre tank, two solenoid valves, electric pressure regulator and a control box in the tractor
  • KWH calibration sets and stainless steel 40 bar pressure pump system. Height can be adjusted from 2.1 to 2.9 metres
  • Spraying well over 4.5 metres high