RED ANT Precision Farming equipment improves productivity, yields and fruit quality by allowing farmers to make use of the latest in farming technology. The RED ANT Precision farming equipment is built around an IoT portal through which equipment can be programmed, reported and monitored in real time. Machine control is executed from an Android device which can be tractor mounted. Communication and GPS is managed through the android device.

RED ANT Smart Spreader enables full variable rate fertilizer application. The spreaders accuracy and placement make it a world leader in orchard and vineyard based granular fertilizer application. RED ANT AGRI works closely with various orchard surveillance and analysis technology providers, to ensure that data from NDVI Images, Drones, EMI Scans, Soil Analysis and Crop Estimations can be imported to the RED ANT portal for use in variable rate programing.

RED ANT Bin Tag system makes use of the IoT portal and Android app along with RFID tags to geotag bins that are harvested using Bin on the Ground principles. The add on functionality captures geospatial data that is invaluable in the downstream quality and management process.