Red Ant Bin on the Ground


  • Self- loading/unloading trailer
  • Four or five bin capacity
  • Independent left and right axles manage uneven orchard floors
  • Double wheel system ensures stability and smooth ride
  • Extended wheel cam
  • Robust chassis design (electroplated sprockets and axles)
  • Four lever hydraulic flow control (all pipes are included)
  • Air suspension: softer ride (optional extra)


  • Up to 40% improvement in picking efficiency
  • Promotes a more productive picking environment
  • Optimal management and control of picking teams
  • Improved team flexibility
  • Less congestion at loading/unloading points (fewer forklifts)
  • Minimal competition for space around trailer
  • Fewer tractors required
  • Less injuries
  • Axle cam enables negotiation of ridged orchards and easy tyre change
  • Locally manufactured (service and spare parts available)
  • Air suspension :less bruising (optional extra)